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December 4-5, 2015, Results Feedback

 About VAPEXPO Moscow – participants’ point of view

VAPEXPO Moscow as seen by participants. The event took place on December 4-5.

Great amount of stands. There was everything I wanted to see. Contests, a lot of selling products.

The organization, lots of tasty liquids at a reasonable price within the exhibition, benevolence and everything else were at the highest level :)

As the saying goes, the first fry is bound to be a flop: in comparison with the first Vapexpo, the difference is obvious, special thanks to the great job conducted to improve the event! I liked a huge variety of participants’ stands, unique decorations and what should be pointed out is a plenty of foreign guests participated in the festival. A great variety of liquids and all sorts of devices at a reasonable price. Thanks so much for all of these!

Everything was pretty cool, especially VGOD as well as a huge amount of premium custom eJuices stands! Ingeneral, everything was at the top!

We are looking forward for a new exhibition! Special thanks to organizers :) Unfortunately, I have been there for only 2 hours, but it was enough to feel the grandiosity of the event. I envy those who could spend the whole day at the event.

Vapexpo, everything was super! THANKS to organizers

Very pleasant event, thanks:)

The atmosphere!!!

The organization of the event, the amount of sellers and, indeed, it was incredibly interesting.

Everything was awesome!!! 

Contests like “who lets off more vapor” and VGOD trick show

The variety of countries presented their own products.

Everything was good) as good as it gets! The organization was perfect! When will the next expo take place?