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June 16-18, 2017, Results Feedback

Comments on June VAPEXPO Moscow 2017

VAPEXPO Moscow 2017 guests are thrilled with the event! Three days were amazingly diverse, eventful and interesting. This is proved by lots of visitors!

Seraphim Oldierg
Hats off to professional Smile-Expo team once again! The exhibition has shown yet again that there is none like it in the CIS countries. Interesting program, talented MCs, the huge amount of exhibitors from all over the world. We are looking forward to the next exhibition!
VapeNews online vaping portal
Attendance of the show was quite impressive. The event was bringing together a great deal of participants during all three days. Giveaways. As usual, a crowd of wild vapers surrounded the stage, waiting for giveaways. The Cloud contest exceeded all expectations. The audience could enjoy a lot of amazing performances.
Many thanks to VAPEXPO organizers! The exhibition appeared to be cool and large-scale, leaving the so-called pleasant after-taste like the best premium e-liquids :) I wish there were more events of such kind!

New impressions, new emotions and acquaintances :)
Organizers, thank you for VAPEXPO Moscow 2017!

Vape Test
VAPEXPO is the greatest vape event in the current year.
Let’s summarize.
1. It was really bigger in terms of the amount of stands than other events.
2. The organizational process was obviously better.
3. The Chinese were everywhere. And that’s great. Everything and everyone were a sight for sore eyes and not only girls )))
4. Sound became gentler and much easier to perceive during two days.
5. There were interesting new e-juices. Besides, low-cost offers more and more impress with their quality.
In general, impression is positive. Organizers constantly improve and increase every new event, inviting incredible exhibitors. The level is getting higher.
Thanks to all friends and fellows (both new and old ones) for communication.

Thank you all for emotions!!! It was awesome!!!
Andrey Vyazovov
#vapeexpo stands and e-juices are straight flames! )))
Everything was amazing; many thanks to organizers for the warm welcome :))
Ivan Romanchuk, Viva la Cloud
The exhibition is really big. The main room gave pretty well impressions. Stands are large and wonderful. Companies preferring smaller stands were at the left against the wall. Chillout. Many exhibitors. No trash, quite calmly and just interesting. I hope this atmosphere won’t disappear.
I like it.
Artemiy Suchkov, Viva la Cloud
Altogether: finally, I am pleased with the vape exhibition. The first part was excellent. Quietly, B2B, no crowd. A great deal of something common, unusual, fun, and criminal. It is the first time that I recommend to attend the exhibition if you are interested in such an activity.
It seems like the organizers have really solved the queue issue. Previous summer, I have waited for 30 minutes at this time. And here’s peace and quiet. It's time to go in. The organizers have taken care of event moderation. No extremely nude ladies, no super loud music. By the way, the second room is the jewel in the crown. It is quite, cozy, and calm. There is a space to chill out; promoters with treats are everywhere.
It is the only exhibition that I would not ask my money back for, visiting it.
Very well.
Cloud Achievement blog
To be honest, you keep your standards high and it is still pretty difficult to outrun you. I have enough materials for a full-fledge issue of my digest. In a word, ten kinds of cool!
Blogger ArturKam Vape
The fifth Moscow-based event that amazes with the scope and size. VAPEXPO Moscow is already a brand, title, legend in the world of vaping. The event includes an advanced exhibition, a specialized conference, and a startling show.

E-liquid manufacturer DUISNAMI
The event was intense and positive! Loads of vapor, excellent e-juices, girls, contests, and bloggers. We can see that the vape community is developing in both directions: quality and quantity. Have a good mood!